You Call This a Storm?!?

The weather was very pleasant for the first half of the day; however, everything changed rather quickly mid afternoon when some serious "Thunder Boomers" swept into the area. Unfortunately, I didn't bring along my rain gear and if that wasn't bad enough, I was on a rather high ridge line when the storms hit with no where to hide.

What happened next can only be explained as my own little "Lieutenant Dan" moment. For those of you that saw the movie Forrest Gump, Lieutenant Dan had a rather famous scene where he climbed to the top of the shrimp boat mast during a hurricane to have it out with Mother Nature. Well, as I made my way over that ridge line it was raining buckets and the wind was gusting so hard that the rain seemed to be flying sideways. With no where else to go, my options were limited - I could either curl up into a ball under a tree or I could keep moving forward through the storm. As the thunder boomed all around me, I could feel anger welling up inside me. I wasn't about to back down and I was determined to persevere no matter what it threw at me. I eventually made it off the ridge line and the thunder storm moved on leaving a steady rain shower behind. My hike continued on and although I was cold and wet, a smile managed to find its way back to my face.