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What a Day!

My hike continues on and continues to impress. This short 15 mile hike has to be one of the best sections on the entire AT. I know I have many more miles to cover with a million more memories to make, but this one will stick with me forever.

I eventually make it to Highway 19E with plenty of time to spare. I cross the busy road and walk down the road about .25 miles back to my car at the Mountain Harbour. 

Hump Mountain - My Bambi Encounter

Lunch at Little Hump

More Eye Candy for the Soul

Stan Murray Shelter

Oh Yeah, the Rhododendron Were in Full Bloom

Bald to Bald

Frame Worthy Pictures All Around

June 14, 2017 Hike #18 - Carvers Gap to 19E (14.8 miles)

You Call This a Storm?!?

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Much to See While Looking Down

When in Roan...