Friday, June 23, 2017

Nice hike into Nolichucky River area

I finish up my short little day hike around 4:15pm. Just enough time to grab a quick bite and head back home. Nothing too exciting on today's hike - kind of alone out there except for the occasional view and little critter siting. Can't wait to come back!

No Business Shelter

The only shelter on this section seems to be appropriately named (at least for my hike) - No Business Shelter. The trail goes right by the shelter which allows me to take a few pics. Some shelters are off the path a bit and I typically do not stop for those unless I'm in need of water.

Hike #14 - Spivey Gap to Nolichucky (11.2 miles)

 It's June 22, 2016 - more importantly it's a random Wednesday in the middle of a busy week at work and in a spur of the moment move, I've decided to drive to TN to knock out the 11.2 miles between Spivey Gap and the Nolichucky River. I can't think of a better way to tackle "Hump Day" than hiking over several big mountain humps. I leave rather early and drive 3 hours to Uncle Johnny's Hostel. I called ahead the night before to arrange for a shuttle ride to Spivey Gap since I'll be hiking nobo (North Bound) from Spivey back to my car at Uncle Johnny's hostel. It is rather convenient that the hostel is right on the trail.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

330 Miles!

Going downhill was no picnic. It was muddy and very rocky which meant that you had to take it slow and steady. A twisted ankle or broken bone out here isn't something you want to experience.

It was about 6:45pm when we finally exited the woods at Spivey Gap. We did it! 21.9 miles all in one day. Thanks to a little chafing and some new blisters, we were both beginning to walk funny at this point. I've now hiked over 330 miles of the AT and it was awesome sharing this last hike with Colin. He is an incredible young man and I can't wait to explore more of the trail with him in the years ahead.

 We had earlier in the day discussed possible trail names for us both, but nothing really stuck. Colin and his buddies often refer to me as "Smooth Mike" and he tried to convince me to accept that as my trail name. I would like to think that "Smooth" is a reference to my overall cool demeanor....but in reality it has more to do with my preference in peanut butter. Oh well, the perfect trail name search continues!

By the way, here is a link to a neat app that helps calculates your AT hiking distance. Enjoy.

All Downhill from Here

The skies were still overcast and the temperature never seemed to get above 65 degrees. We had about 7 miles left on our day's journey and we were glad that most of it was going down in elevation. 

 The one disappointing thing about hiking 22 miles in one day is that when you come across some neat side trails you are often too tired to take them. We passed up seeing several scenic spots as well as viewing some of the shelters along the way mainly because of the mileage it would have added to our day. Next time...shorter hike so we can smell the roses a bit more.