Section Hike #10 Davenport Gap to Hot Springs - 35.8 miles

April 10, 2015
It's April which means that I'm ready to hit the trail and clip off some more miles on the AT. I'm section hiking the trail picking up where I last left the trail. Not sure why I'm doing it in order rather than skipping around to do various sections. My best answer is that it is easy for me to track my progress when doing sections in order just like a true thru hiker would do. I'm still in awe of the thru hikers. They are indeed a special breed and show true grit in completing the trail all in one season.

I'm joined on this section by my younger brother, David. He is 9 years younger than me and likes to run marathons so climbing mountains should be no problem. 

Our goal for this section is to hike 35.8 miles from Davenport Gap, TN to the small hiker town known as Hot Springs, NC. It is Friday, April 10th as we drive to Hot Springs to leave our vehicle and catch a shuttle ride back to our starting point. I've contacted a well known outfitter store in Hot Springs called Bluff Mountain Outfitters to arrange for our shuttle. Hot Springs, NC is a true "Trail Town". They know hikers and what hikers need. Bluff Mountain Outfitters didn't disappoint. We were able to park our vehicle in town at a designated parking area for hikers, get a few extra provisions and headed out with our shuttle driver to Davenport Gap.