June 4, 2017 Hike #17 - Carvers Gap to Iron Mountain Gap (15.1 miles)

Late in the day on June 3, 2017 I received a "Go Hiking Pass" from my family for the following day, so I quickly scrambled to see if I could arrange a shuttle for the following day (June 4th). Since Tom Bradford was so helpful with my previous shuttle, I reached out to him once again for advice. Tom told me he could shuttle me but it would be cheaper if I contacted the Greasy Creek Hostel due to their location to where I was hiking. I love the support and sense of community that the AT often provides - Tom and Marie Bradford are fine examples of that. A quick call to Greasy Creek Hostel and a nice lady there told me to come on up - she could get me a shuttle early the following day. 

I decided to hike SOBO for this hike (just like I did on the previous hike); therefore, my plan was to park my car at Iron Mountain Gap and hike from Cravers Gap south back towards my car. The next morning I make the 2.5 hour trip from home to Iron Mountain Gap and I'm there right on time (9am) ready for my short day hike. About 9:10am I begin to wonder if my shuttle drive forgot about me. A quick call to Greasy Creek Hostel and the nice lady I spoke with the day before tells me she mistakenly wrote the wrong time down in her book. No worries, she is very apologetic and tells me her shuttle driver will be right over or else she will come get me herself - how nice is that! Can't thank her enough for being so nice - wish I had the time to stop by the Greasy Creek Hostel to thank her in person but time is short and I'm running a little behind schedule.

Around 9:30am my driver arrives and she has me up at Cravers Gap a little before 10am. I'm a little off schedule but not by much. The weather is very nice at the moment but storms are in the forecast.
On to the hike....