Hump Mountain - My Bambi Encounter

As I get to the summit of Hump Mountain, I get my iPhone out to once again snap a few pics of the spectacular views. I'm all alone on top of Hump Mountain and no matter what direction I look the view is breath taking. Out of the corner of my eye I suddenly realize I'm not totally alone - I get a glimpse of a deer standing in the tall grass. However,  this particular deer isn't running away like many others typically do - something is compelling it to stick around. I switch to video mode on my iPhone and keep walking on the trail when all of a sudden I see why she is not going away. The video below says it all.

The fawn appears to be less than a day old. It's little legs are still shaky and it has no fear of me. It finally takes a short leap into the tall grass beside the trail and sits down. I eventually say my goodbyes and continue my hike. I've seen a lot of interesting things on the trail during all of my hikes, but this particular moment in time is going to hard to beat.