Trail Magic from Yonder

We are about 5 miles into our hike when we come across 4 other hikers taking a break on a ridge line along the trail. A very nice dude known as Yonder quickly asks if we would like some "Trail Magic". I had not yet had the opportunity to explain to Colin that when hiking the AT you often run across strangers that freely give food, drink and other timely goodies to weary hikers. These random acts of kindness are referred to as Trail Magic. Yonder had completed an AT thru hike a few years back and he was all smiles as he offered up cold fruit and doughnuts. There were 3 thru hikers already taking him up on his offer and we also obliged. I had a banana (best banana I had ever eaten) and a doughnut. The calories you burn out here is extreme so you often don't turn down an opportunity to fill up the reserve tank. Thanks Yonder!