Hike #13 - Devil Fork Gap to Spivey Gap (21.9 miles)

It's April 10, 2016 and I'm thrilled to be back on the trail knocking off a few more miles. I've recruited my second oldest step son, Colin, to join me for what will be my longest single day hike thus far (21.9 miles). Colin is finishing up his Junior year at N.C. State (Industrial Engineering) and I'm delighted that he carved out some time from his busy college life to go hiking with me. He was a little apprehensive about the distance, but I wasn't worried at all about him. I reminded him that it was me (the 48 year old) that he needed to worry about.

As with all my hikes, there is always a well thought out plan in place that if properly executed will result in an excellent day of hiking and return us home in one piece. However, the one thing I can always count on is that nothing will go exactly as planned.