Tanyard Gap and the Wrong Turn

When people ask me if its easy to get lost on the AT, I typically tell them that isn't in the top ten list of things to worry about while hiking the AT. After all, most of the AT is very well marked with a white blaze posted every so often along the way. Also, the foot path is well traveled and easy to follow. Well, about 6 miles into this hike I come across a gravel road (USFS 113). As I glance up, down and across the road I can't seem to identify where the trail picks back up. I kind of see a path a short ways down the road and decide that must be the way. After about half of a mile up that path I step on what feels like a big rock buried under the leaves and almost turn my ankle. I look down to find a little friend...

Its at that time that I realize I haven't seen a white blaze for quite a while. I make a decision to turn around and head back to the gravel road. Once there I see where I made my navigational mistake and finally get headed in the right direction and after a short while I arrive at Tanyard Gap. I begin to think about how lost I would be if my little turtle friend hadn't stopped me when he did. I've been hiking by myself the entire day, but for some reason I don't feel so alone.

Wow...277.7 miles down and a lifetime to go!