Section Hike #11 Hot Springs to Allan Gap - 14.7 miles

June 2015 - I find myself with a small amount of "free time" in an otherwise very busy schedule and decide to take to the trail yet again. This hike is put together rather last minute so I'll be going solo. I drive to Allen Gap and park my car at an abandoned old store called "Moms". I had arranged for a shuttle through Bluff Mountain Outfitters in Hot Springs and my ride showed up right on time.

It doesn't take long until we arrive in Hot Springs, NC...the start of my next section.

This small day hike shouldn't take long for me to complete. I enjoy the shorter hikes since it allows ample time for me to take in the sights, smells and sounds along the way. No worries about making camp before nightfall...just taking one step after another until the end.