Walnut Mountain Shelter

We say goodbye to Max Patch and head out towards our camp for the night...Walnut Mountain Shelter. Shortly into our hike we saw something that none of us had ever seen before...a herd of llamas. Not sure if this was some type of llama club but there seemed to be about a dozen people out for a hike with their llamas.

Sophie is a true hiking dog...running full steam all day, but when its time for a rest...its time for a rest.

We make it to Walnut Mountain Shelter with plenty of daylight left. We are all glad to see that the shelter area isn't too crowded. There were only 5 other people there for the night. We quickly set up our tents, grab some fresh water and gather firewood.

As the sun slowly set over the ridge line, we had a little fun creating some illusions with our cameras...don't judge...we had nothing better to do.

Morning comes early and we pack up and head out towards our final destination...Hot Springs, NC.