Walnut Mountain Shelter to Hot Springs, NC - 13.1 miles

We load up and head out early Sunday. Again, the weather is near perfect... A little crisp but nice. We are a little sore and David has developed a dreaded blister on his foot, but we push on towards Hot Springs at a steady pace. When I say "steady pace" that means we are covering about 2 miles each hour. However, Grayson's pace is not the same as our pace. He seems to glide over the terrain and at times he is so far ahead he has to wait for us to catch up...younger legs, younger lungs...younger everything.

We finally make it to Hot Springs with plenty of time to spare. The days hike had us dropping nearly 3,000 ft. in elevation and although the descents are just as tough as the ascents, we were able to move at a decent rate.

Arriving in Hot Springs was bliss. We dropped our gear off at the car and headed over to the Spring Creek Tavern for a hot meal and a beer. Their deck was the perfect ending for this hike. Being a cool hiker town meant that Sophie was allowed to join us on the deck as we ate. There are no strange looks here.  We were dirty, stinky and tired but we fit right in. 

Another section in the books. So glad that I got to share a little trail with my brother David. Despite the new blisters, I think he will be back again soon...I know for sure that I will.