Max Patch

 Our mobile phone reception wasn't that good all day and all we knew was that Grayson was going to drive up to Max Patch and we would meet up with him around Noon. The AT crosses a gravel road about .5 miles from the parking area at Max Patch. We knew that we were close to Max Patch and decided that we would attempt to call Grayson to get an idea of where he was. No sooner than I grabbed my phone when a black 4Runner came driving down the road and pulled up beside us. It was Grayson and his dog, Sophie. We climbed in and drove to the parking area below Max Patch. I don't think we could have timed that up any better if we tried.

Max Patch was a treat. I had heard Grayson speak of it often but wasn't sure what to expect. It did not disappoint. Imagine a grassy clearing about the size of five football fields perfectly draped over the top of a high mountain (elev. 4,629).

It was the perfect place for lunch. People often ask "what do you eat while on the trail?". It has been trial and error, but generally I try to take things that are easy to pack, contain some protein, and doesn't make too much trash. One of my favorites is tuna fish and peanut butter crackers. The tuna comes in a flat easy to open pouch and goes great with Ritz crackers. The peanut butter now comes in small little packets too. One of the best lunch spots on the trail.