Groundhog Shelter

We finally made it to Groundhog Shelter a little before dusk. I had hoped that it wouldn't be too crowed, but my hopes were dashed as we arrived. This is early April and the Thru Hikers are everywhere. David and I found a bare spot in the woods a few hundred feet from the Shelter and set up our tents.

There was a small tent near us that was already zipped up for the night. The next morning two girls (they were sisters) and a dog hatched from the tent. I still have no idea how those girls slept in that small tent along with their dog and packs. Who am I to question their tent strategy...I zip myself up in a tent that resembles a light weight coffin each night.

The shelter does have a privy...a very small privy. I was able to catch David in this "money shot" while he was checking some messages in the office....