Hiking to Icewater Spring Shelter

This portion of the AT winds along the NC/TN border. Hard to say which one of us is in NC in this picture and which one is in TN.

Hiking to our shelter for the night we get to see many things... some of which makes us feel rather tiny as this stone wall did.

Glad someone posted the mileage to Katahdin... made me think that if my kids were with me this is when they would begin the obligatory "Are We There Yet?".

I sooo wanted Kurt to crawl into this bear trap so I could shut the gate....that would have made for a nice picture. Apparently they have traps like this to help relocate any bears that become too bothersome.

We finally arrived at our destination for the night, Ice Water Spring Shelter, with just enough daylight left to set up our tents and cook some dinner. There were 4 other hikers already there ahead of us. Although the rangers prefer that you stay in the shelters while camping in the Smokies, we decided to set up our tents since there was a small patch of grass right outside of the shelter.

Kurt's tent is on the left and mine is on the right. Both are small one person tents with just enough room to roll over. 

View inside of the shelter.