Chestnut Branch Trail - Calling an audible and the end of Hike #9

The rain was steadily beating down on us and we slowly made our way along the trail. Since we had parked our vehicles at the Big Creek Ranger Station we called an audible when we arrived at this sign. According to our maps, if we would have stayed on the AT trail we would have to walk another mile or so back to the Ranger Station once we arrived at Davenport Gap. With our feet in constant pain we took a chance that Chestnut Branch Trail would cut some distance off for us.

Kurt's face says it all...I'm feet hurt...I'm hungry...I love hiking with Mike.

Chestnut Branch Trail proved to be an incredibly beautiful hike. The newly fallen rain meant that the creek was full of water and the cascades and water falls seemed to stretch forever.

We finally arrived and the Big Creek Ranger Station much relieved that our vehicles were still there in one piece. It's hard to describe the feeling at the end of these short section hikes. Your body is so incredibly glad that you're done and the pain will soon ease, yet your mind immediately beckons for more. I smile...joyous at having knocked off another chunk of the trail and thinking ahead to the next hike.