Charlies Bunion

We have a rather peaceful night at Icewater Spring Shelter. Saturday morning comes early and we head out for the day. So far the rain has held off but we have a sense that we will be seeing it soon. Our goal for the day is to hike from Icewater Spring Shelter to Tri-Corner Knob Shelter...about 12.5 miles away. One of the early sites on this hike is an area known as Charlie's Bunion. This sign says it all...anytime you see a sign like this you know the view has to be good.

Charlie's Bunion is a huge rock that sticks way out from the mountain (kind of like a bunion). If you recall from my earlier posts about heights...I don't do well when gravity is involved. Kurt on the other hand is like a spider monkey. He proceeded to climb cliffs and go places on this rock I would never go...each to there own.