Spence Field Shelter

Perfect day for hiking...well rested, comfortable temperature, clear blue skies and a good hiking partner.  What more can you ask for?  We meander along towards Derricks Knob taking pics and stopping every once in awhile to take in the scenery.  

Just off the trail a bit is the Spence Field Shelter.  We hit this at a perfect time for lunch and a quick rest. At some of these "forks in the road" you will see backpacks laying on the ground with no hiker around. Several shelters are a ways off the main trail (Spence Field is .2 miles)...round trip that is almost an extra half mile of hiking with a heavy pack.  If just visiting the shelter for water or a quick rest it is smart to leave the heavy pack where you will once again hit the main trail and just take what is needed as you take the side trail to the shelter. However, if your lunch is randomly towards the bottom of your pack (like ours) then you just carry your pack on to the shelter.