Onward to Clingmans Dome

As morning arrived, we packed up our gear, ate a quick bite, filled up on water and headed out for our last day on the trail. We only had 10 miles left to go but we knew a lot of that 10 miles was going to be spent going up-up-up in elevation.

As we begin our climb towards Clingmans we begin to see a lot more coniferous trees.  Being early April the leaves aren't out yet on most trees, so its nice to see some green.  It also provides some much needed shade during the hot part of the day.

We also met another ranger on this stretch of the trail (didn't get his name) that seemed a lot more laid back than the previous ranger that we had met. These rangers are out on the trail hiking for a week at a time and getting paid to do it...seems smart to me.