Mollies Ridge Shelter

As the very last daylight was beginning to fade, we finally made it to end of our Friday hike, Mollies Ridge Shelter (10.3 miles from Fontana Dam).  There were already a lot of hikers all set up for the night and many of them were catching up on the events of the day over a smoldering campfire. Being at about 4,800 feet in elevation it was cool to see the shimmering lights of Gatlinburg at night off in the distance (sorry no pic) iPhone camera is good but it isn't that good.

Kurt and I quickly set up our tents and then focused our attention to making dinner.  We were both rather hungry and since Papa John's doesn't deliver on the AT we began to make our meal.  I can't recall what we ate but it hit the spot and we both turned in for the night.

There were a lot of hikers that stayed in the shelter but I've learned my lesson on staying in a shelter. I decided to treat myself to a snore-free/mice-free evening of sleep.