Derricks Knob Shelter

It's getting late in the afternoon as we finally reach Derricks Knob. We are now 22.3 miles into our hike and we are beginning to feel  it. There are several hikers already at the shelter enjoying good conversation and getting set up for the evening. Kurt and I had been talking all day about ignoring the ranger's instructions from earlier in the day and pushing on towards Silers Bald Shelter for the evening, but cooler heads prevailed and we decided that hiking another 5 miles in the wilderness at night would not be a smart move.

Although we are suppose to stay in the shelter, we (and many others) decided to set up our tent outside.  We were told that a Ranger had been there earlier and was a stickler for making hikers stay in the shelters but luckily he was long gone in the other direction. We get our tents set up, make a little dinner, get some fresh water and relax a bit before the sun goes down.

We weren't hearing about any bear sightings in the area, but we all know they are around.  Its nice having bear cables near each shelter as a precautionary move.