NOC Basecamp and the start of hike #6

The overall plan for this hike begins with Grayson and I meeting up at the proposed destination of our hike... Fontana Dam. I'm embarassed to admit that I never even knew that NC had a dam of this size.  It was quite impressive.  Growing up in Statesville, NC I had made several dams in the creek behind our house but this was taking it to an entirely new level.

We left Grayson's vehicle there and loaded up everything into my car for our trip over to NOC where we would begin hiking the next morning.  Our plan was to spend the night at the NOC Basecamp and then head out early the next day for our hike.

NOC Basecamp was just that... a camp.  It was kind of like staying at summer camp.  There was a main building that housed the showers and kitchen which was surrounded by several bunkhouse structures where you slept. We had reserved a bunk room several weeks ahead of this trip.  Nothing but the best...our room was 10' x 10' and had a bunk bed, a window, a bench and a couple of hooks on the wall. It was hard to tell which is worse...sleeping in that bunk or sleeping in a tent. Regardless, it was cheap and it was serving its purpose.  There were several other hikers staying there too but we really didn't have much time to get to know them.