Wesser Bald Observation Tower and More Views

At about the 15 mile point of my hike I came to the Wesser Bald Observation Tower (elevation 4,627). This tower was slightly more sturdy than the other one I saw on Albert Mountain so I took the time to climb the stairs and hang out at the top.

Funny thing about being scared of heights... it just doesn't make any sense. I know there is no way for me to fall but my brain forced me to stay in the middle of the platform on top and if I ventured towards the sides, I hung on to the railing for all I was worth.  It may have just been the wind playing tricks on me, but I swear I heard my Grandma Deal's voice telling me to "get down right now... you are going to get hurt".  Grandma Deal always warned us grandchildren that "anything can happen at anytime" and who was I to question this logic.  I took a good look around, breathed in the high mountain air that few get to taste and made my way back down to earth.