The Hike Out of Deep Gap

I finally made it to my starting destination of Deep Gap, paid Kathy for the ride and prepared myself for the hike ahead.  It was about Noon on Friday and I was wondering how far I would be able to hike for the day since it was kind of a short day for me.  My original plan was very conservative... I planned to hike just 9 miles to the Carter Gap Shelter and make camp there for the night.  Not knowing if there would be anything that would cause a delay in getting on the trail, I always give myself a little extra time just in case I need it.  There were a few fellow hikers resting at Deep Gap as I headed out.  One of them asked me what day it was.  I often get asked what time it is, but rarely does someone ask me what day it is.  This young lad had been in the woods a little too long.  He was surprised to find out it was Friday (not Thursday).

It was early April and the weather was perfect for hiking.  It temperature was in the upper 60's with low humidity and the sky was crystal blue.  Around 2 miles into the hike a father and his son (seemed about 10 years old) passed me going in the other direction.  This put a smile on my face because my own son, Jonathan, loves to hike and I can't wait for him to join me on the trail as he gets a little older.  It's thoughts like that which keep me motivated to push forward whenever the motivation seems to have abandoned my body.