Big Spring Shelter

I was very relieved when I finally arrived at Big Spring Shelter.  There was already several other hikers there which I was glad to see.

I set up my tent, made some dinner and sat around listening to some of the conversations around me. There were people from Canada, Michigan, Lumberton and several other random places.  I really didn't have an opportunity to strike up any in depth conversations with anyone which kind of disappointed me.  After hiking by myself all day, I was eager to meet some new hikers and learn more about them. One guy I do remember reminded me of the actor Tommy Lee Jones (looked just like him). He was telling a story about one of his previous hikes when he was sleeping outside beside a fence and heard loud snorting just on the other side of the fence from his face.  He quickly turned on his flashlight and surprise... a bear.  He said the bear had an ear tag and it didn't seem to care too much about him so he scared it off and went back to sleep.  It was probably that story that caused me to get about 3 hours sleep that night.  That and these two playful squirrels that decided it would be a great idea to play chase around the big oak tree right outside my tent.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike camping out on the trail? I need to remember to bring some sleeping pills.