Sir Mix-A-Lot and Senior Night at the Bear Meadows Grill

If the title of this entry doesn't grab your attention... nothing will.  After getting settled into our room, we decide to walk about a mile into town and eat at a Mexican Restaurant that Gene had recommended to us.  It was an okay place to eat but Bruce and I were mainly interested in sitting in a sports bar, watching highlights of the PGA Championship and catching up over a cold beer.  After a quick Google search on my phone, I find a place called the Bear Meadows Grill located down the street from where we are and they are still open.  Not having many options, we head over to check it out. 

Timing is everything as we arrive just as Karaoke Night is kicking off.  The place is packed with the exception of a small table in the back.  Bruce and I realize that the sports bar thing isn't going to happen for us so we decide to grab our table in the back and make the most of it.  A quick scan of the crowd gave me another realization... it must be "Bring Someone on Medicare" night at the Bear Meadows Grill!  Just then a nice older gentleman named Russell scooted by our table with his oxygen tank in tow.  He was making his way up to the microphone... he was up next.  What could his karaoke selection possibly be?  A little Sinatra perhaps... Jack the Knife?... I Did It My Way?... no, he proceeds to belt out a Barry White song. 

You can't buy this kind of entertainment so Bruce and I order a bucket of beers and watch the show.  After our second bucket, our judgement was getting lax as we jokingly promised our waitress that we will most definitely get up there to help her sing a song before the night is done.  It was almost closing time when we heard those dreaded words from the Karaoke DJ... next up...Bruce and Mike. Being put on the spot, we followed some of the wait staff up to the stage curious about what song we would be singing.  My guess was something country... maybe a little old school Hank Williams or Garth Brooks.  Our carefree attitudes quickly turned to embarrassment when we saw the song on the screen we were about to sing... Sir Mix-a-Lot's Baby Got Back.  Of all the MTV videos I watched as a youth... that was not one of them.  What occurs next can only be imagined... there are no words that can describe the debacle that unfolded on that stage.  As we began to struggle through the words to Baby Got Back and settle into our more appropriate role of back up singers, an older lady that was out celebrating her birthday was coerced by her husband and friends to get up there with us and dance around.  I was thinking... why should we be embarrassed.... no one here knows us...what happens in Hiawassee stays in Hiawassee...right?  Just then I realized that one of her friends was video taping the entire event on her mobile phone.  Perfect...knowing my luck we will be a You Tube viral hit by morning time and booked on the Today Show by Labor Day.  As you can tell, not all of the interesting stuff happens while on the trail.  The towns I visit and the characters that call those towns home are a welcome part of my AT adventure.