Saying Goodbye to Georgia

The next day comes fairly early for us as we try to pack everything we brought with us inside of our hydration packs... no chance of leaving anything behind today.  We arranged for a ride from a new shuttle driver, Joyce, to take us back to Dick's Creek Gap since Gene had some prior plans and couldn't take us that morning.  She shows up on time (and is sober) so off we go to start our 15.8 miles hike back to Deep Gap.

Saturday's hike will take us 15.8 miles from Dick's Creek Gap back to our car at Deep Gap.  The terrain is the same as yesterday... up and down and up and down... repeat.  I'm also feeling a slight bit of accomplishment since we will be leaving Georgia and entering N.C. at about the 9 mile mark near Bly Gap. Although I have about 2,100 miles left to hike at least I can say that I have hiked all of Georgia...only 13 more states to go.

Overall, the day's hike is not too bad.  The temperature is kind of cool under the forest tree tops and we have plenty of water for the trip.  Yes, we still ache with each passing step, but with the end in sight our motivation carries us forward.
The picture above is the sign letting you know that you are now entering N.C.  My cousin Garyson told me that the sign was kind of a let down and he wasn't kidding.  Not sure what I was expecting as I left Georgia behind, but that wasn't it.