Hike #3 - Parting Thoughts and Observations

I have thoroughly enjoyed having Bruce by my side for this part of my hike.  Being friends over the past 25 years we have been with each other through highs and lows that make the Georgia mountains seem puny.  Its hard for me to imagine trying to tackle life without friends like him by my side.  Whether he was spotting a rattlesnake in the trial or giving me some sound Monkey Butt advice... he was there for me as always.  Lucky for me he has already said he wants to join me on another hike real soon.

Hard to believe that a full year has passed since I first stepped on the trail.  We hiked 32.4 miles this trip. I have completed a total of 83.3 miles of the AT with about 2,091.7 miles left to go.  It doesn't take a son of a math teacher to calculate that at this pace I will likely finish up around age 70.  Is that a long time? Yes.  Will I make it to the end?  I don't know... but I'm sure going to try.  One thing is for certain... no matter how far I get... the journey will be well worth it.