Monkey Butt to the Rescue

To say my body was sore from the day's hike is a huge understatement.  I was limping along like Festus from Gunsmoke for most of the evening.  I can withstand your typical aches and pains, but after hiking 16.6 miles in the hot August heat my gluteus maximus was toast.  Luckily there was a CVS close by and Bruce told me about a wonderful new miracle powder for an occasion such as this... Monkey Butt!

Never heard of it, but if it helps ease the pain... I'll try anything.  Bruce and I grab a few other necessities and gingerly make our way to the check out counter.  Only a true AT hiker would appreciate our purchases this evening...six pack of beer, a bag of cheese doodles, some Vaseline and a big bottle of Monkey Butt.  

We then grabbed some Chinese takeout and headed back to the room to get rested up for the next day's hike... we were wore out.