The Hiawassee "Budget" Inn

As we drove through town on our way to the Hiawassee Inn, we passed a Holiday Inn Express as well as a Ramada Inn.  They look nice, but the Hiawassee Inn got several "thumbs up" from other AT hikers so I figured it was the place to stay if hiking the trail.  As we turn into the entrance of the Hiawassee Inn, this was probably the first point of the trip that Bruce finally began to quietly question my superb planning abilities.  Why again are we not staying at the Holiday Inn Express?... Well, this place only charges $40 per night for hikers and my shuttle driver knows where it is... it has met all of my "lodging" requirements.

Here is a helpful tip for any of you hikers looking for that perfect hotel... if "private bathroom" and "hot water" are listed as amenities... it will work just fine.