Uncle Larry's "Gold Mine"?

It didn't go unnoticed that this bear totally ignored Grayson's bag.  After the shock wore off of seeing what was left of my bag, my thoughts turned to "why" Grayson's bag was untouched.  After all, Black Bears typically eat about 40 pounds of food each day and they will eat just about anything they can get their paws on.  Grayson's bag was still hanging on the rope well within the bear's reach.  What did Grayson's bag have in it that ours didn't?  All he had was the food that his dad (my Uncle Larry) had made for him.  I'll admit that initially I had a few doubts about Uncle Larry's homemade, farm-grown, organic, freeze dried, dehydrated, vacuum packed trail food especially since it was still a suspect in Grayson's Woody Gap spewing bout the day earlier.  At this point it would be very easy to make a joke about how Uncle Larry's food is so bad that even a hungry bear wouldn't eat it, but I honestly don't think that is the case given what is known about a Black Bears appetite.  Grayson had even shared some of it with me earlier in the day and it was pretty good stuff.

My only logical conclusion... Uncle Larry has unknowingly developed the very first trail food that is totally resistant to bears!  Could this be the "gold mind" opportunity that he has been searching for his entire life.  His trail food is light, healthy, tasty and now "field tested" to be totally ignored by bears.  With Grayson's knowledge of hiking and Larry's secret recipe of trail food I think the manufacturers of trail food are about get a new industry leader.  Please sign me up for some of that food for my next trip!