Mountain Crossings at Walasi-Yi

After hiking about 2 miles further, we finally get to one of the most popular spots on the trail, the Walasi-Yi Center.  The AT path actually passes right through a breezeway in this building.  Being the marketing major, Grayson quickly quipped, "Now that's what I call capturing your target market".

This oasis in the mountains is not only a hostel, but it is a very nice outfitter store where you can reload on supplies or stock up on equipment that you may need.  They also had some food for sale, which we took full advantage of for our dinner.  I don't think the FDA had approved the hot dogs that we ate, but they were pretty good going down.
There were old hiking boots thrown into several tall trees.  I guess if you are going to buy new boots at this outpost then its tradition to sling your old pair up into this tree for yard art.  Some of the boots looked rather new.  I guess those belonged to some hikers that had second thoughts about hiking any further.  After a nice break we put our packs back on ready to hike the last mile to our Friday night camping spot.