Meeting up with Grayson

As we arrive at Woody Gap I see several very tired hikers resting under some trees and I'm relieved when I recognize one of them as being +Grayson.  +Grayson and I greet each other and wait for Josh to determine if he has enough room in his "shuttle ride" for all of the other hikers that are wanting to go back to the Hiker Hostel for the night.  I notice that +Grayson doesn't look too good and he tells me that he got a Migraine headache a couple of miles back but it should pass. 

As we both gaze at the wonderful view from the Woody Gap scenic overlook, I can't help think that our conversation over the next few minutes could have been a scene from National Lampoon's Appalachian Trail Vacation (if they ever decide to make that movie).
Mike: Sooo Grayson, you had a good hike?
Grayson: Yeah, it was great... umm... I think I'm gonna puke.
Mike: If you are indeed "thinking about it", may I suggest that you go ahead and commit to doing it now because you will surely loose it with the way this maniac drives.
There is a moment of silence as Grayson bends over and rests his hands on his knees. I pat Grayson on the back as I peer out over the wonderful scenic mountain view.
Mike: Grayson, there's nothing quite like hiking the AT... don't you agree?
Grayson: Blaaaaaccccchhhhhhh! ... yeah...
Mike: (still peering out over the mountain view) How can anyone ever question the existence of God after seeing a view like this?
Grayson: Blaaaaacccccchhhhhh! ...huh?...
Mike: Well, it looks like you feel better already.  Could it have been something you ate?
Grayson: I doubt it. I mainly just ate some of my Dad's homemade organic, farm-grown, freeze dried, dehydrated, vacuum packed trail food mix.
Mike: Surely it wasn't Uncle Larry's homemade organic, farm-grown, freeze dried, dehydrated, vacuum packed trail food mix.  It had to be that darn Migraine that triggered this.
Grayson: Yeah, you are probably right. I'm pretty sure it was.

As we climbed into the shuttle, I couldn't help but think that there is a lot to take away from my recent visits to Woody Gap, but my main bit of advice to anyone visiting the scenic overlook at Woody Gap, Georgia... stay in your car!  The view is just as nice from there... trust me.