Those D**n Steps!

When you first read about there being 604 steps to the top of Amicalola Falls it doesn't really seem that big of a problem.  Throw a 30 lb. pack on your back and suddenly your mind screams "Houston... we have a problem".   I know the falls are pretty but let me be the first to say... they aren't that freakin' pretty!  Best advice to others... get a ride to the TOP of the falls and just visualize what the biggest waterfall east of the Mississippi looks like.  You will thank me later.  I stopped at least 4 times and went through over half of my water supply before finally making it to the top.  Small children were pointing at me and asking their parents why the crazy man has his head tilted forward leaning on the wooden rail.  Is he praying?  Yes.. I was praying and cursing at the same time (if that is allowed).