Saturday Hike

Saturday, August 14, 2010 - My Saturday hike took me up and down several mountains that seemed a lot bigger than they probably were.  My hike for this day was going to be a little more than 12 miles and hopefully I would get back to my car at Woody Gap as planned.  I was alone on the trail for the entire day with the exception of one hiker going in the other direction and another creepy guy that was working on the trail (clearing brush).  He just stared at me when I spoke to him.  He was either deaf, non English speaking or a social outcast.  Probably all of the above.  I just kept walking and hoped that he didn't follow me.

I stopped at a couple of streams to fill up on water and enjoy the beauty that was around me for much of the trip.  It was also so very quite out there all by my myself.  Kind of nice.  I eventually started to climb my last ridge and I just knew that I was getting close to Woody Gap.  There were several spots to actually stop and take in the views (sorry - no pics).